Zane is a newer member of the Facility. Not many know where he came from


Zane showed up one day to the Facility. Nobody really knew what he was there for, nor did they know what to make of him.


Zane wears all black stealth gear. Under his gear, he is an ordinary human. He has black hair and green eyes. In a normal situation, he is very easy-going, preferring to banter with his acquaintances. In a stressful environment, he is very composed. He knows he will hit his mark if he doesn't let his emotions get in the way. After the Z-Project, his body was changed to matte black robotic components.

The Department of Assassins

Seeing as there was a lack of assassins, Zane created this Department in order to train other assassins.


Zane was trained at a young age to be a very skilled assassin. He is well versed in the art of knife fighting. He is also an excellent shot. Other than

combat, Zane is very strategically gifted, able to see the weakpoints in something long before others can. He has multiple types of cloaking fields, his favorite being the one that makes him not only invisible, but intangible as well


After Zane was killed by Serena, he was rebuilt by Nine and Kira and became a very strong sword fighter. He became a cyborg, with almost 70% of his body being replaced with highly advanced robotic systems.

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