Useful Guides to General Roleplay

This section is just a list of guides that might help you with forum roleplay in general, not just SecretSubreddit related things. Most of these concepts are universal, and don't require a separate SecretSubreddit explanation. WARNING, if you can't tell already from the arrows next to them, all of these links are external, and not contained on the wiki itself.

The Basics

This is the bare minimum you'll need if you're new to roleplaying, and like to learn as you go, mainly general things like terms and etiquette, which should be simple enough.

The Forum Roleplayer's Bible

Bad Roleplaying, and How to Avoid It

The Joys of Combat Roleplay, and Why You Should Keep It Sparce


Whilst not essential, these are recommended reads over slightly less important topics, and are incredibly useful.

Keeping Interactions Fun

A Guide to Making Intriguing and Lasting Characters

Guide to SecretSubreddit Rolling System

1 : Critical Failure++


Your action failed miserably, having *disastrous* consequences.

2-5 : Failure+


Your action had minor negative consequences.

6-9 : Failure


Your action didn't succeed, but at the same time had no negative effects.

10 : Situational


If you were trying to do something small, it probably succeeded, if not, e.g., a combat roll or another important event, then some success and some failure.

11-14 : Success


Whatever you were trying to do undeniably succeeded, with no negative consequences.

15-19 : Good Success


What you were trying to do you achieved *exactly*, and well.



Your action succeeded in it's entirety, exceeding even it's original goal, even if there was just an impossibly small chance of it.