The story behind the LAMP

The lamp was normally a plain lamp, but after an highly religious individual who hated sexuality got onto luna’s nerves a bit too much, she took him to sex dungeon, took a random lamp she stole from a storehouse, and fucked him to death with it, and trapped his soul inside the lamp. She then discard the lamp back at a random storehouse. However, this storehouse was haunted by a rogue lust djinn, and enchanted the lamp to be an object of lust, luring people to take the lamp and fuck it. Now the lamp has been bought by uslaite, who is unaware of the curse of the lamp, and gets annoyed when people steal her lamp and return it “wet” and smelling of sex. However, it is said if you die while being fucked by the lamp, you will enter the lamp pocket dimension with the Person originally trapped there, in a realm of his nightmares: a realm of sex and pleasure, and can see every moment when the lamp was and will be used.

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