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Topaz Colite is an user that joined during Season 4/5 in early 2016. He is now known as NectorKashpaw from his first two usernames, topaz-colite and TMeredithC. Be warned if going through username history. He has visited r/furry, furry trash! He is a FURRY (and banned)

He manages the following characers:

(With first two accounts) Topaz, Mel, Rooky, Basil, puppies

(Adopted) Geoff

(With third and current account) Nector, Sophie

He supported the changing of rules and moderators during the Luna Discord Chat Civil War of October 2016 (His own nickname for it). He then since joined the new Discord modded by Nexalph, later to be banned on January 20th 2017. He claims that he tried to play a role in trying to fix the drama when he wrote up a new system of rules as a suggestion to replace the joke rules on the sub. This suggestion was downvoted for depending too much on the moderators and the general fact many believed that such a severe change was not needed. However, the rules would be changed on the sub and discord later on in 2016, focusing primarily on cracking down on any drama being caused.

In a time before the Civil War happened, Topaz did something revolting that destroyed whatever reputation he had with some users. These are his words on what happened:

"I don't know why I did it. So it was during the universe fucked up thread where by looking at someone, you could control them. Well Topaz had gotten under the control of Jade, Reckasta's character, and he was trying to get out of it. An idea came to me to make Topaz force Jade to release control and Jade had mentioned something before about how she had lived under a hard mother. I used magic to make Topaz appear to be that mother and made Jade very frightened and scared. And all of this was without rolling. My fault for not doing that. Anyway, Jade was suspicious of her mother being there and mentioned the bad things that her mother had done to her. Naturally, to try to make Jade think he was her mother to make her release control, Topaz did those things, one of which was rape. He raped her. I made him do that without permission or rolling. I shouldn't have done it. And when the topic was brought up, I said that I was sorry but it was too late to retcon by then. Anyway, Topaz was put on trial and sentenced to ten years. Kayla, controlled by ThePeanutGallery42, broke him out of the jail. He went along as he really wanted to see his husband James again. Afterwards, he did pseudosuicide and faked his own death seeing that everyone in the Facility hated him for what he did. A couple months later, he decides to just go out and serve his sentence. Jae kills him. James and Geoff (Hybrid) bring him back with a soul stone. Now I kinda talked about this soul stone thing with the other two users but I wasn't completely sure on how it would work out. But Topaz back up and alive. And people hated him. Other users also disliked the fact that I didn't use rolls and didn't ask permission and they were right. They were really right. Should've banned by then maybe I don't know. Either way, I apologized to Reck and if I recall correctly, she said something like 'It was really just the not rolling part, not the rape part, that bothered me.' So I figured that I could move on from this. Others still wanted Topaz to have justice so I had him stuck in a timebubble where he would live alone for ten years in the space of ten seconds to the world. He saw this as justice for receiving his sentence as by then, he had actually experienced ten years of loneliness. People didn't like that too and I think that was one of the contributing factors to my name being mud."

After this, he made another mistake in the Nexalph discord chat:

"We were chatting about Topaz and I didn't like them calling Topaz a rapist because while yes that was true, he did rape someone, I didn't like how the word "rapist" made it seem like that was the only action he should be judged upon. I firmly believe that one is judged by all actions, not just one. Well bad wording of me trying to express this basically made it look like I was defending Topaz as a rapist and raping in general. Let me make this clear, I do not and never will do or support rape. I just think everyone should be treated with some degree of kindness, no matter what they've done. I also made clear several times that despite his rape, Topaz was still someone whom I aspired to be, and that if you really think about it being raped is a pretty normal part of life. Either way, a couple users disliked me 'defending rape' (Reckasta and PrincessSnek) and they started a lot of drama, even though I repeatedly explained to them how I was a nice guy. I mean there are how many Jews controlling the world, and yet they decide to focus on me as the root of all evil? Every time I would pop up, if there wasn't a big thing being discussed on the chat, they would start picking on me. One day, I decide to ask what was wrong with myself, thinking I could fix my RP habits for the future and I got a lot of hate. From like two or three users. I was pretty shocked. I told them to not hold anything back but back then, I didn't think that they thought I was this fucked up."

"Lesson to be learned: watch how you word things."

"Either way, I left the sub and made a separate account called Nector so that the chat would have less drama on it. I saw I was a catalyst for drama from Snek and Reckasta and left to quiet them down. Of course they found out my true identity. The mods discussed heavily about me and decided for the good of the group sadly, I was to be banned to prevent anymore drama about me. And I'm not going to try to make another account again. I'll just be missing on possible advice and entertainment I definitely had good talks in it when I wasn't being harassed. And on the nature of this harassment, it was justified by my actions and that they saw that I was immortal since they thought I defended rape. I already sorry for what I did. I already accepted my mistakes and am using them to be better."

He is now known as NectorKashpaw and is to be PMed with this username for any communication.

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