"Welcome to The Firm. Which is totally a real firm and I'm definitely not just calling it that to feel less insecure about running a hit squad out of a walk-in fridge." -- Gyrant


The Firm is a loosely organized group of freelance corporate assasinss and hit men/women/gender-neutral-life-forms operating out of somewhere within the [REDACTED] facility. It is not an official department, and is called "the Firm" merely colloquially.

Organization & Leadership

The Firm has no official leadership or structure. All contractors are completely autonomous and are governed by no known tenets or collective guidelines. Contractors collect 100% of their bounties, and pay no monetary membership fee. The Firm operates a collective research and development fund, which is generated from a flat fee on all contracts that must be paid by the client before the contract will be processed.

The Firm is not an official branch of the Global Operations Department. Members often recieve contracts or retainer work from Globe-ops, usually as a way to subvert G.O.D. ethics or security guidelines.


Requirements for membership in the Firm are straightforward. The only entrance requirement is the ability to find the office. It is unclear whether the Firm actually has an office, if their office is actually in an office, or if this is merely a diversion tactic used to assess potential members.

There are only two known requirements for conitnued membership. Firstly, the security system of [REDACTED] facility must be set to kill all contractors on sight. This is ostensibly to keep agents on their toes at all times; however, given the tendency of the firm to attract fugitives (escaped test subjects, murderous sociopaths, etc) it may simply be a gesture of solidarity. The second requirement, though not strictly enforced, is that all members not on field assignments must log 10 hours of research per weekat a department of their choosing. In tandem with the R & D fund, this habitual cooperation with official research departments has helped the Firm to acquire and develop numerous technologies and equipment useful in their endeavours.