The Alchemist ( u/MegaZeus101 )



The Alchemist hails from ancient Europe. He was apprenticed under Leonardo De Vinci, and, after he died, he used what knowledge he had gained to further the field of Chemistry. When he discovered magic was, in fact, real, he sought to prove alchemy, the proper transfiguration kind, was real. Through his studies, he incidentally discovered the Elixir of Life, which allowed he to become immortal. After this, he went on to perfect the magical science of alchemy.


He somehow, not even he himself is sure, ended up inside the facility. the first thing he did was declare a space his own and begin setting up his business. If you visit, you will frequently see him performing some form of bulk transfiguration which he uses to learn new hobbies with. If you ever need anything made, this is the man to talk to.

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