The Sodium Family, previously the Schultz Family, is a German lineage well known for larger than life personalities and influential members. After much work and effort by Archibald Sodium, the family's current patriarch, they are now the royal family of the nation of Cheria.


The first known records of the lineage that would go on to be the Sodium Family date back to 9 AD, where a violent warlord and his forces pushed the Roman Empire out of Magna Germania.

Past this, records on the family were scarce for many years, but eventually, the family, at the time known as the Schultzes, made a fortune in 956 AD in trade, becoming heavily involved with the Old Salt Road. It is thought that this method of making their fortune is the source of them later adopting "Sodium" as their replacement surname.

The Schultz Family continued to amass wealth and fame, as various members set off to get their names in the history books, from pirates and sailors to bounty hunters and highwaymen. Eventually, however, the family suffered a great fall from grace. In the early forties, the marriage of Wilhelm Schultz to a Jewish woman meant the family was forced to flee Germany, changing their surname to "Sodium" in a hasty attempt to disguise themselves.

Upon returning to the country, they were horrified to find their family wealth gone, and their ancestral home a ruin of its former self. With no other choice, they became simple farmers, albeit ones brave (Or foolish, according to some) to farm the monster infested lands near the Black Forest.

Eventually, Archibald Sodium led a singlehanded renaissance for the family, going from a simple student of medieval history to a infamous mobster, leading a single-handed crusade against the vampiric coven who attacked his childhood village, becoming a trusted ally of gods and elderitch abominations alike, and eventually, founding his own nation, Cheria.

Living Members