Season 4, Episode 4 detailed the invasion of shapeshifters that first took the form of Vault, the bartender.

The Bar

In the first events of Episode 4, everyone was invited into Vault's bar to test out new drinks. These drinks turned out to be transforming drinks that made humans into anthros and anthros into humans. Everyone took this to be Vault trying to start trouble at first. In the background, Uncloak transforms Calypso into an anthro after she returns from her pack, rejected. After a short fight between the characters and Vault, he is detained in an Idathan cell.

The Interrogation

The real Vault reveals himself and presents himself, and it is in turn revealed that the other Vault they see before them is a shapeshifter. The shapeshifter is eviscerated multiple times for revenge. It then goes on to explain how it wanted a conflict between all of the staff at the Facility to weaken it for the coming invasion. It is also revealed that the monsters are weak to salt.


Elick, the jelly fish, decides to use a bomb on a ship to break up the asteroid where the shapeshifters are preparing their invasion. This somehow malfunctions and only speeds up their invasion. Uncloak starts to teach everyone magic, including Natalie and Calypso, who favors ice magic.

The Fight

The ship lands and instantly bullets fly everywhere. Calypso and Vault lead a fight outside of the ship while the others push up and assist. Uncloak makes it inside the ship and brings Calypso and a few others inside. While this is going on, Natalie makes it to their leader and engages him. Vault regroups with her and they're able to take him down. Uncloak wounds himself casting powerful magic.

Party Time

Vault is reunited with his bar, and brings out all the liquor and alcohol to celebrate. Uncloak and the rest of the staff grow distant.

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