One of the many ways Roman can restructure his body.


A typical Necrotic host.

The Necrotic Hive Virus, or Roman, as it prefers to be called, is a sentient collection of reanimated dead matter. Most corpses are violently reshaped into horrific forms, while a few are remade to resemble the typical "Roman" body for social purposes.


Roman was created accidentally, during an attempt by Facility scientists to create an organism that could restore life to a cadaver. Upon his creation, he murdered his makers, before letting himself loose in the Facility. He took his name from a janitor he dispatched, liking the sound of it.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Roman, along with all members of the Necrotic collective, is capable of extensively restructuring his body at a moment's notice, reshaping his own body to be a dangerous weapon.

Roman can be a difficult creature to kill, both as he is already dead, and because the death of one body is very little of a setback to him. Various weaknesses include heavy damages to his limbs, fire and fire based attacks, and extreme cold, which renders him lethargic.

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