Roland is a semi-retired 'transporter', who arrived in the Facility after his ship was badly damaged in a firefight. He drifted through space for weeks before spotting the Facility and limping his ship to it. Finding it to be one of the more hospitable stations, he decided to stick around.


He's more than willing to discuss the intricate details of his life before arriving at the Facility, but it won't be a pleasant conversation. He left Earth after his family was murdered in cold blood, and there was a bloodbath in which they were avenged.This, in turn, led him to take the Dart and flee Earth before the authorities could find him. He traveled the galaxy for roughly fifteen years before finding the Facility.Those that have seen him in combat know him to be extremely capable and might even say he enjoys it.

Looking past his violent history, he is a loyal friend who would give the shirt off his back to someone in need. He frequently helps his friends without thinking of the potential risk to himself. If asked about his tendency to put his own life on the line, he's said the most dangerous person is the one with nothing left to lose. However, the more time he spends in the facility, the more reasons he finds to be less reckless with his own life. 

Skills and Abilities

Some of his skills include that he's an excellent shot and a quick thinker, always having a backup plan or three. The most notable skill he has would likely be his precision with Keres, able to put six shots on various targets in just seconds.


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He has quite a bit of equipment he carries regularly out of sheer habit from his previous line of work, once being compared to 'Space Batman'. His loadout varies depending on his mood and what he's set out to do that day, though he always has Keres which is his prized Colt Single Action Army, a Smith and Wesson 500, as well as a backup pistol, either a Beretta PX4 Storm or a Micro Desert Eagle in addition to several different knives.