Not much to put here... I mean, my own page? Do I really need this? It kinda seems just a tad overkill... But hey, Ima type it anyways.

Reckasta is the single most important person in th- Someone coughs in the background, and says something about sticking to the script. Grr.....

Reckasta, the Dark-type Pokémon, and th- The director, quite pissed at this point, coughs again, and yells 'STICK TO THE FUCKING SCRIPT!' Bah..

Ahem.. Reckasta is the creature responsible for a small number of characters on SecretSubreddit, each with varying degrees of insanity. The best way to make a good impression on them is by showing a good sense of humour in, and out, of character. When not trying to act semi-responsible, they can be found on the Discord server either giving semi-coherent rants about music, or trying to help anyone with questions.


I can be found on reddit as /u/Reckasta, and on the Discord server as Reckasta#6030. So yeah, if 'ya have any questions, don't feel shy, just ask 'em! I'll more than likely have the answer.

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