Nexalph Fincher is a 34 year old solar fire elemental who operates as an engineer for the Facility subway system and his own means. He used to be human, until a unknown incident in space changed his body chemistry. 

Season 3

Nexalph first appeared as human, having awoken in the Facility. He then took a position as a scientist and engineer, inventing a unique grenade that would suck the motivation out of those caught in the explosion. He would later create the MDB, a marvel of weaponized engineering. Also, he took part in the Galactic Rebel War and the Nanosaur War.

Season 4

Nexalph would return, mostly memory wiped from the reset. He would work as a freelancer, doing jobs in space.

Season 5

Nexalph returns as his current form, now with new powers, including the ability to summon a hammer made out of solar fire. He currently manages the Facility subway system and "Nexalph's Ammunition Armory".


  • Is able to summon fire to his advantage.
  • Able to summon the "Solar Hammer".
  • Proficient with his revolver, "Extraordinary Pen"
  • Proficient combat skills.
  • Quite intelligent, when he needs it.

Nexalph's Apartment

Those who would enter would come into a comfy hall with a shelf filled with shoes and clothes. Moving further down they would find themselves in a industrial workshop and lab, lit with computers, gizmos and various temperature-related components. One door would lead into Nexalph's personal living areas and library. Mostly everything is fireproof. A magic window shows a scene from some cool sci-fi video game he saw. Another door from there would lead into a kitchen, a bathroom, Nexalph's bedroom, a unused bedroom, and a small office. This part of the chambers can be launched into flight should need ever arise. Going back to the workshop, one could access the garage and hanger. Inside are various vehicles including Nexalph's bikepickup truck, and his multipurpose ship, the Ronin. There are mechanical arms and cranes on the ceiling for various uses.


Nexalph's Work Clothes

Nexalph's work clothes

Character concept by thomaswievegg-d73ndwx

Nexalph's armor

Nexalph's Work Clothes: 

Fireproof clothes for when he does his daily tasks, including the ammunition shop and the subway system. What could the blue lights be for?

Nexalph's Armor

Fireproof armor used by Nexalph in more harsher and hostile conditions.

Bonus Stuff

This is a area for bonus stuff about Nexalph and any other things related to him, perhaps things that will come in the future?

Based on Grillby from Undertale, the Novakid race from Starboard, the Sunbreaker Titan class from Destiny, the Gem race from Steven Universe, and Genos from One Punch Man.

Nexalph may be able to change his gender at will. 

Nexalph had a girlfriend named Kel in Season 3.

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