A page on the resurrection of the dead.


A recording of an eldritch creature.



The Necronomicon is a semi-sentient tome of dark knowledge, written by a long line of archivists, cultists and Necromancers. While the original manuscript has become lost to history, there are many copies, with varying degrees of completeness, in existence. The copy currently believed to be the most complete is currently in the possession of Alex Sodium, who inherited it from Natalie Coronis, who in turn had inherited it from her wife, Luna Coronis. After turning away from Necromancy, Alex has locked the book away in an unknown location.

The book, while originally covering only the magicks of the Great Old Ones, has slowly accumulated information on a wide variety of dark magic, with everything from daemonolgy to necromancy being covered. Whether the additions are done by scholars of the dark arts, or by the book itself to satisfy some strange hunger for knowledge, is a matter of hot debate to historians.

The pages of the book can kill, or drive most people mad, at a glance, requiring heavy charms to be cast on the reader to protect them. Attempting to read a copy without permission from the owner can result in, depending on the disposition of the book in question, and the reader's relationship to the owner, in anything from a headache to a brain aneurysm.