Natalie Coronis, born Nataliya (no last name), was a vampiric human and necromancer currently residing in the facility.


Natalie was born an anthropomorphic snake in a secluded village in a relatively warm valley in the Urals. From a young age, she was raised to believe that the ends always justified the means. Her village was a closely guarded secret of those within, and as such self sufficiency was key. Her family was not very wealthy, and as a result at the age of 8 she was sold off to work for the town physician. When she was 10, the village's livestock were hit by a plague which caused widespread famines, making food a rare luxury. The virus quickly spread from the animals to the people. The town physician, a gifted geneticist, quickly was able to determine which genotypes were most susceptible to the plague, and singled them out to the town for culling. As uninfected food became more scarce, however,

Having escaped her village, Natalie wandered through central Asia until she made her way into China. By this point she had become very knowledgeable in the fields of genetics and biology, and put these talents to use working on behalf of the Chinese government in exchange for anonymity. At the age of 19, she developed a way to extend her own lifespan indefinitely. During the early 2010's, while working in a lab in Hong Kong as an on site doctor examining the effects of teleportation on the human body, a malfunction caused everyone (her and a test subject named Reginald) in the room to be teleported to an unknown location. This location would be the facility. Natalie ended up materializing in the break room naked, clutching a Chinese flag tightly, while Reginald covered the walls, ceiling, and floor. Quickly adapting to her surroundings, Natalie took the opportunity to push the limits that ethics would never let her push. After devouring the at the time head of the intern department, responsible for supplying the facility with its vital supply of interns, she took over as a way to secure a virtually limitless supply of test subjects. Her first successful development was the uberintern, a hulking monstrosity of flesh and steel. Her first successful uberintern was an old friend from the surface whose life she tried to save. This friend, known as Strauss, was later killed by a telekinetic named Danny using a live fusebox after Natalie tried to knock him out to make him undergo a similar surgery. This loss caused Natalie to begin to spiral downwards as she found herself truly alone for the first time.

During this time, she spearheaded a number of programs to increase the facility's stream of interns. The most notable of these was the trade-in program, where in exchange for an agreed upon number of human beings secured from outside the facility, the intern department would provide whatever was needed, be it materials, information, treasure, or anything else. It was at this time that Natalie met one Marcus "Vault" Greene, who she would later try to replace Strauss with.

Their relationship began when Vault walked into Natalie's office one day interested in the trade-in program, requiring information. Rather than exchange humans, however, Vault offered to pay Natalie in sexual intercourse. As Natalie was on the floor laughing, Vault gave a long diatribe about the immorality of the trade-in program and how he would have no part in it, before storming out. Hours later, after pissing off the local edgelord, a wolf named Uncloak, Vault came back to Natalie's office begging for asylum under her desk in exchange for however many humans she wanted. Uncloak swiftly outbid him, however, and as a result Natalie handed Vault over to him. Vault soon escaped Uncloak's grasp, and came back to Natalie's office to make an attempt on her life. He was bested in combat by an uberintern and, after escaping Natalie's office, was offered shelter by a corporation known as IDATHA.

During this time, after the local security robots were wiped out in a temporary zombie apocalypse, Natalie created the LOKI's, heavily armored, genetically, physiologically, mechanically, and cybernetically augmented super soldiers. Using the power vacuum, she was able to establish them as the facility's security force.

Vault would come to make several attempts on Natalie's life, during which he would usually sexually harass her, until after one particular failed attempt, he was captured by a LOKI team that had been placed on standby for fast deployment. Natalie, becoming sick of his antics, had him forced to undergo surgery to become an uberintern. However, with IDATHA's help, Vault was able to break the conditioning. He kept this secret while spying on Natalie, until after professing his love for her, he was rejected, and subsequently ripped one of her fangs out with his bare hands. After escaping, he was soon recaptured while making another attempt on her life, this time being turned into a Loki who served as her bodyguard to be kept as a trophy on display of what happens to her enemies. This backfired, however, when IDATHA secretly removed Vault's loyalty chip, allowing him to escape after gathering the necessary documents for them.

While continuing to sexually harass her, Vault went to work for the Combine Overwatch under Uncloak. After eventually getting sick of Vault's harassment, Natalie sent a kill team into Combine territory. This led to a war between the intern department, and the combined forces of IDATHA and the Combine, which ended with a treaty between IDATHA and the intern department, with the Combine's facility forces devastated, however Vault was kept alive under Uncloak's protection.

After the war, Natalie gutted the intern department of all assets and ended up privatizing her company under the name Xin Yong ("new uses"). Soon afterwards, however, Vault received a hit on Natalie and, borrowing Uncloak's dimension shifting magic, pulled Natalie into a pocket dimension where he forcibly stripped her naked and tried to make her beg, which did not work. Natalie was then offered a choice: death forever, or be shot in the head, cloned, and have a second clone made named Natasha whom Vault would take as his personal sex slave and brainwash as such. As horrid as the choice was, Natalie was left with little other option than to agree to it. Soon after, she dissolved Xin Yong and took a job working for Uncloak as a way to get close enough to Vault to free her clone. During a climatic confrontation with Vault, with Natasha present, Vault revealed the truth to Natasha of who and what she was. This, combined with the trauma she suffered at Vault's hands, caused her to spiral downwards in a severe identity crisis for which there was no solution, causing her personality to regress in a last ditch attempt to separate itself in terms of similarity from her sister's. This left her childlike and joyful, but ultimately scared and weak. Natalie promptly took her in as her sister. While Natalie was working to make the facility a happier place for Natasha, Vault's badgering eventually paid off and he soon ended up in a relationship with Natalie which, as can be expected, was fraught with fights.

Eventually, an alien spy infiltrated the facility and, after a good deal of resistance, was captured. With him tied down, select facility members would be able to interrogate the prisoner for any useful information as to his mission. It is here that Natalie met Cynthia "Luna" Coronis, a magic user specializing in the mind. After Vault congratulated Luna on being the best interrogator, Natalie took issue with such and Luna soon engaged with her in a casual argument over it. It is from this that Luna revealed that Vault was having sex with her, though she was admittedly under the impression that Vault had broken up with Natalie. The two realizing that Vault was cheating, proceeding to kidnap him and subject him to electrical-waterboarding. The relationship was naturally finished. It was then that Luna went through Natalie's mind and picked out Natasha. After some very careful convincing, Natalie was compelled to induce temporary lucidity in Natasha, using alcohol, and explain what had happened to her. Left choosing between a lego set and a bottle, Natasha took the third option and shot herself. This left Natalie an emotional wreck, but more than anything despising Vault for being the cause of her sister's condition and resulting suicide.

It was at this time that Luna took her under her wing as a magic student, so that Natalie could learn ways to hurt Vault, whom she burned alive soon afterwards. After a sudden kiss from Luna at a party, however, they became more than just teacher and student, resulting in an excellent relationship between the two of them.

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