[Played by /u/Melazu]

[This page is for post-reset 07/2016 Melanie. For her previous iteration, click here.]

A friendly cat lady, but there's always a hint of something feral and cold beneath the surface. She often talks using vague phrases, as if there's something she's withholding, and blames it on her less-than-stellar memory.

She is currently in the process of setting up a new department that she calls Theoretical Practice, of which she is currently the only member.


Before joining the Facility, Melanie was a notorious Russian mobster in New York City, known simply as "Room Service". She specialized in cleaning up crime scenes: from blood and fingerprints, to signs of a struggle and loose hairs. In her time in the mob, she was responsible for over a hundred cold cases.

During this time, she met and married Archibald Sodium, another well-known mobster at the time, before they eventually retired and found themselves in the Facility. Melanie became an anthro in order to avoid recognition, and started a new life with Archie.



The reset hasn't officially happened yet!


Thus far, Melanie has demonstrated one "ability".

Eye for Detail

Melanie has a proclivity for noticing the smallest of things out of place. Throughout her time before entering the facility, it was said that she could comb a room so thoroughly that not a single hair would be left behind.

Technology and Equipment

  • Smith & Wesson 460XVR: Melanie carries this high-caliber handgun hidden on her person at all times.