[Played by /u/Melazu]

A star (20 Tauri) incarnate. It is vaguely humanoid, and somewhat translucent, as if it were a being made of light (because it is). It is a solid entity, with a surface that feels somewhat warm and soft to the touch. Inside its chest is a central core, which performs the fusion reactions necessary to maintain its form. It glows brightly.


Before joining the Facility, Maia was a literal star .



The reset hasn't happened yet!


Maia's core contains its sentience, and forms the body it uses to move around. If the core were to be damaged, it would leak harmful amounts of radiation as Maia died. Maia's external body can be wounded, and will expel heated gas from the wound until the core is able to seal the opening.

Maia can regenerate and reshape any part of its external body, but the process leaves it somewhat lethargic until it has had time to re-accumulate energy.

Since Maia runs on fusion reactions in its core, it has no need for external sustenance.

Maia's external body is not particularly strong. It can be pierced easily by a sharp enough object, and it has little in the way of strength or weight.

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