Lou Trenton is the current alias used by a lesser demon, cast from Hell due to, depending on who you ask "Being hated by the higher ups", or "Being shit at his job". The truth is somewhere inbetween, with his own methods of corrupting and tempting victims being looked down upon due to breaking the mould, but his own ego prevented him from admitting its downfalls.

Bound in human form for the duration of his exile, he offers his demonic legal skills for the desperate and the stupid to hire.


Originally an Angel, Lou fell shortly after Lucifer's own fall, when his methods were deemed too dark for the likes of Heaven, and he was sentenced to Hell, where he quickly became trapped in the beauracracy of Eternal Damnation as a low-level corrupter.

When his methods of Corruption, that focused more on little actions with a wide-reaching butterfly effect rather than focused temptation, failed to meet his quota, he was forced to walk the Earth in human form until he can collect enough souls to buy his way back into the ranks of Hell.

He later destroyed the soul of Topaz Colite, obliterating him and any copies of him from existence.


Lou is nothing if not arrogant, very sure of his own skill to an almost dangerous level. He is also a self-entered and ruthless person, more than willing to betray, manipulate or trick to get his way or further his quest for souls. He is, however, quick to brag, and as such, very vulnerable to flattery.

Powers and Abilties

Most Demons have a wide range of supernatural abilities, making them dangerous opponents... Lou, however, has had his employment contract with Hell terminated, and as such, is completely unable to access the majority of these unless he has a contract with a client that would require him to. In which case, he is forced to comply with the contract, though he can easily twist the meaning to his favour.

Without a contract, he's limited to minor magic, such as short-range teleportation, the summoning of demonic contracts and manipulation of his shadow. It is these powers he's forced to rely on to collect souls.

In moments of great stress, he's known to briefly appear slightly more demonic, usually through changes in his eyes or teeth.

Souls Collected

  1. Topaz Colite.
  2. Nigel Basil.
  3. Gregory the Sergal.