Lindsy Reade is a 29 year old female who works at the Facility Entertainment Radio Network (FERN). She is also an actor.


Lindsy first entered the Facility confused, and in disbelief. She later settled in and opened the FERN broadcasting station with Wrenson Lochlere. She then received her bow from Nexalph as a welcoming gift.


  • Actor Skills: She is very well skilled in voice manipulation and body and face acting.
  • Bow Proficiency: Lindsy is very proficient with a bow, although she has not used it in combat.
  • Invisibility: Lindsy received a blue crystal amulet shaped like a teardrop with a circular hole in it. This gives her the magical ability to turn invisible at will.


Lindsey's apartment is very cozy. The living room is illuminated with string lights, fiction novels line the walls, there is a microphone in the corner. A fuzzy carpet lays in the center of it all.

Bonus Stuff

Lindsy is based on Ashe from League of Legends, and Nexalph's old character, Kel.

These conceptual images may or may not have an effect on Lindsy's future look.


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