Klopp Industries is a robotics and vehicles company owned and headed by Eizunheir Klopp. It has received many different names over the years pre-retcon, and now stands as Klopp Industries


Ownership of Klopp Industries changes when the father Klopp hands it down to his son. It is currently owned by Eizunheir Klopp, and thus, specializes in steam powered machinery.



Klopp Industries was quietly founded a month after Eizunheir defected from the Mortuus Eire to achieve his own goals. Using a set of custom built tools, Klopp transformed a random set of offices into his workshop. A place that he called home before Rempton built over it after Klopp's trial. There, he has started developing prototypes, but they are not finished, nor have they entered mass production.


  • Super Microwave (small scale production)

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