A worldbuilder with no life, Klopp is the mind behind the No Gray Area universe, along with some non-canonical characters. A drama-causing, shitposting, loudmouthed brat on the discord server, don't be surprised to find him causing some form of trouble if he isn't telling tall tales of his characters' origins, what's planned for them, or what's going on right now.

As of late, Klopp has retired to pursue personal goals.

List of characters

In the No Gray Area universe:

In Klopp Industries:

  • Otto Klopp (Deceased)
  • Diana Klopp (Deceased)
  • Eizunheir Otto Klopp
  • Dell Klopp (Exists in the future)
  • Albert Klopp (Exists in the future)
  • Volger Klopp (Exists in the future)
  • Eustace Klopp (Exists in the future)
  • Horace Klopp (Deceased, Exists in the future)
  • Halligan Klopp (Exists in the future)
  • Weston Klopp (Exists in the future)
  • Wilhelm
  • Gribble
  • Shackleford
  • Mobile Robotic Versatile Interactive eNtitiy (MRVIN)
  • Klopp Multipurpose series (KM)
  • Disposable Aerial Infantry Robot (DAIR)
  • Critter drones

In Rempton Laboratories:

  • Louvernias Rempton
  • Oliver Atchinker
  • Various board members
  • Other employees
    • Janitors
    • Technicians
    • Security force
      • Maxwell Quarter
    • Military
      • Air force
      • Navy
      • Marine core
      • Gunnery
        • Norman Uvanoff ("Deceased")
  • Espionage division
  • Public Relations
  • experiments
    • Conrad Quarter (Exists in the future)
    • Butler Droid Servant Machine (BD-02)
    • Abadon

In the Soul Studies Institute:

  • Uvanoff
    • Norman
    • Uvanoff
  • Various scientists
  • Various experiments

In the Mechanized Galactic Defense:

  • Overwatch
  • The MGD high command
    • Doc
    • Legion
    • The General Manager
    • Triple Dog DAIR (Destroyed in action)
    • the Avali-bots (One destroyed in action. Others fatally malfunctioned)
    • Mr. Handy (Destroyed in a workplace accident)
    • Critter Deacons (Destroyed in action, never bothered to be replaced)
  • MGD armed forced
    • Spyglass-series tactical analysis/decision units
    • MRVIN
    • DAIR
    • KM-series (formerly)
    • Critters (formerly)
    • Engineer series urgent repair/research specialist units
    • Micro Manager courier/economist robots
    • Battalion series armored assault droids

Non-canonical characters:

  • Allison Grey (deceased)
  • Mr. Skeltal
  • The Fancy Banana (Ceased to exist)
    • The lazy gazer (Never anger)
  • Allison Damae

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