The signature of Kinkzoz. Has been modified for legal reasons.

Kinkzoz is the creator of The Lunar Science Base and Transformation Science Center, drunk/high scientist, and part dragon

General Info

  • Height: 7ft without horns, 8ft with horns
  • Gender: Actually a hermaprodite, but looks male. So just go with male.
  • Species: Unknown, mutant
  • Age: Nobody even knows, not even Kinkzoz himself
  • Strange body parts: Four arms, large wings, horns, cat-like ears, slitted pupils, dark red fur.


When gaining strange oimnipotence, Kinkzoz ended up fainting. Woke up being fluffly, having cat-like features, and only being able to talk like


After more incidents including catnip and strange nuggets, Kinkzoz became part dragon, gaining wings and large horns.

Kinkzoz has now been turned into a half-demon, after some silly demons slipped weird shit into his drink,  got attacked by crazed interns with silly guns that turned him into a hermaprodite, and ate a goo-intern which caused his internal organs to become goo.

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