Joshua Obrien is the prototypical underachiever. Originally majoring as a biomechanical engineer, he quickly learned that stealing company secrets and hardware to sell on the black market was much easier and lucrative than actually doing his job. 


Mr. Obrien made quite a living comitting corporate espionage whie also trading in black market goods. All good things must come to an end though, and one day Mr. Obrien came to the realization that his way of life was unsustainable. Faced with the possibility of life in prison, being disolved in a drum of acid by this criminal syndacte or that, or cutting his losses and running for his life, he choose the latter.

Through his network of associates he was able to have his real identity scrubbed from the face of the earth and also partially wiped and reprogrammed his memmory. To complete his transofrmation cosmetic surgery was preformed to give him the perfect "Handsome but forgettable" appearance and with that, he began his new life as Mr. Joshua Obrien. The facility was the most logical place ofr him, being virtually impenetrable, and also almost completely unknown to the outside world.


Joshua Obrien prefers to just be called by his assumed last name, and also prefers to be left to his own devices more often than not. He is very easygoing and laid back, though from time to time glitches in his mental reprogramming cause him to display abberant behavior that can range from something as simple as a sudden change in favorite color to more dramatic behaviors such as dissociative episodes and fits of paranoia.

Powers and Abilties

Obrien benifits from an extremely expensive education as well as almost a decade of experience in espionage, organized crime, and life off the grid. Along with an aptitude for machinery and electronics well above his paygrade Joshua is also fairly adept with small arms and hand to hand combat.


Though Joshua is blissfully unaware of his past life (most of the time) he feels uncomfortable when not carying a sidearm. He also keeps a small, single use disposable respirator and a basic first aid kit in a messenger bag that he is never seen without.

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