Hakon Tordenskjold (/u/lerikaldomain) is a member of the janitorial staff of the facility.  He claims to have worked and lived in the facility for nearly four decades, but did not make his presence known until May of 2014.  His personal assistant is Summer Daniels, and the two do not get along very well as they often find each other annoying.


His information, for the most part, is not redacted or classified, due to his low rank in the facility.  His full name is Hakon Olav Tordenskjold, born sometime after the second world war in northen Europe, likely in Scandinavia.  If you believe him, he began to work for the facility in the mid 1970's.  He currently lives in a luxurious supply closet on site.  He somehow lost his right eye in 1978, and is undergoing genetic treatment in an attempt to regrow it.


Hakon works with the janitorial staff of the facility.  The majority of people have a neutral opinion of him and his work although some call him lazy and say that he complains too much.  Hakon, in return, tends to be annoyed with the staff, as they tend to cause quite a mess.  Despite this, he does make an attempt to help with issues, regardless of whether or not they fall under his job description.  He also does contracting work for employees of the facility to supplement his income.

Summer Daniels

Summer works for Hakon, against both their wishes.  Her workload tends to be very minimal, so she spends quite a bit of time making use of the facility's massive bandwidth to browse the internet.  In her opinion, Hakon is "too grumpy" and "Literally can he like chill out or something?"  Hakon finds her annoying and loud.  The contrast in their personalities is the cause of a lot animosity between the two.