Granola is a Forged Elf currently residing in the Facility, after leaving his native realm. His day to day existence typically consists of entertaining himself and avoiding responsibilities.


Born in the Elvish city of Tylweth Cahar, Granola was always something of a letdown, being unwilling or unable to fulfil the same kind of duties his peers did, much to the chagrin of his strict father. He began to study magic, but never with enough focus to become truly skilled, instead learning the bare minimum to get by.

Eventually, his irresponsibility became too much for his father to accept when his failure to take a rite of passage seriously led to an entire group of young Elves failing, causing his father to demand that he either change his ways or leave until he had learnt how to act his age.

For the first time in his life, he was out in the world alone. From here, a Gnomish friend introduced him to the career of Dungeon Looting and Adventuring, banding together with likeminded wanderers to form a Party. For years, they proved to be moderately successful, clearing out monster infestation, killing bandits and stealing anything not nailed down.

Eventually, they went their separate ways, and Granola found his way to Earth through magical means. He arrived in turn of the century America, and spent over a century enjoying himself in the fast-paced, exciting human world. However, he eventually made a dire error while experimenting with a spell supposed to create a bubble he could retreat to for safety, instead trapping himself in a bubble far, far away from Earth.

He remained here, using his magic to entertain himself for just around a decade until Facility-members found and rescued him.