Floyd Renner is a young man, possessing photokinesis, or light manipulation. He has entered the Facility to hide from the Pinkerton PMC, who have previously attempted to abduct him for reasons unknown.


Born in Seattle to an American father and a French mother, Floyd grew up on stories of how beautiful Paris had been, instilling him with a desire to one day save enough money to move there. While still a child, his powers began to develop, which he kept a secret from his friends and family.

As a young man, he began working security for nightclubs and parties, getting more and more lucrative jobs as he became more well known as a reliable guard. Eventually, he was offered work by the Pinkerton Agency, which he eagerly accepted. However, it quickly became apparent all was not what it seemed, as he came across evidence that the Agency had been observing him practicing his abilities, leading him to break into their main offices to look for answers, which resulted in him realising they intended to kidnap him to attempt to replicate his photokinesis.

Fearing for his life, he fled Seattle, eventually making his way to the Facility, of which he'd heard tell of as a haven for "Freaks and weirdos" like him. Once there, he was tortured and killed by Uncloak before being resurrected. He continued to try to move past the traumatic event, eventually beginning a relationship with Luke Thompson, and opening a night club, called Starlight.

Powers and Abilities

Floyd's most notable powers are his photokinesis, which grants him the ability to generate and manipulate bright streaks of neon purple light. He has shown the ability to choose whether the light streaks he produces are solid yet otherwise harmless, or intangible and hot enough to burn.


The Light-Dash.

He mostly uses this to augment his hand to hand combat skills, but can use a "Prism Gun" to focus it into a ranged blast. Another use of his power is to "Light-Dash", or convert most of his own body into light, allowing him to travel at incredible speeds.


Floyd can seem rather immature at times, due to his carefree and snarky attitude, but he is more than capable of acting more somber and serious during what he views as a "Major situation", and when hired to do something, he will make sure it gets done, taking professional pride in it, even if his attitude would lead his employer to belive he is too foolish to get it done.


The Prism Gun.


A variety of light-augmented melee attacks Floyd is likely to use.