Ferrous Maelstrom
Vital statistics
Position Chronicler
Age Less Than 1 Year
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Variable
Weight Variable
Ferrous Maelstrom is a shapeshifting being with the ability to turn into any bird, including extinct species. Regardless of the bird's normal colouration, their feathers are always white. They were previously a red-tailed hawk/human abomination hybrid but underwent a metamorphosis and detached from their previous identity.


Ferrous' origins are unclear. All that is known for certain is that one day an egg appeared in the facility, from which they hatched. They appeared from the egg at full physical maturity and mentally was lacking only in language skills, which quickly developed. However, their humanoid form was short-lived and eventually transformed into the all-bird, both physically and mentally. Along with this transformation a library was created, which may contain the truth of their creation.


Ferrous can easily transform into any species of bird. As such, they can utilise the abilities of any bird species. Despite their avian physiology, they are capable of speaking human languages as well as bird calls. Beyond this, they have access to a grand library which contains information about the facility and beyond and update it regularly.


As they only have access to bird forms it is difficult for them to use regular human equipment. They are the librarian of the facility library, which contains a lot of information. They have also gained some mystical ability from a magical tome initially believed to be an alternate-universe 'bird Necronomicon', although this theory may be inaccurate. The power of this tome is likely to have caused their metamorphosis.

Through experiments involving a mixture of magic and science, they have created several strange devices. Most notable are a sentient being composed of several migratory hallways and the scry-screen, which can view scenes from the past, present or possible futures.

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