These are the lines to follow:

1. Do not talk about /r/SecretSubreddit

2. Do not talk about /r/SecretSubreddit

3. Interns are not people, please don't treat them like they are.

4. Sector R34 is off limits, to all staff, except under extremely rare conditions.

5. Stay out of the vents.

6. You can never leave this place.


These are not rules, but just things to mind of:

1. Use the dice when roleplaying fights, battles, combat, or anything that may need a touch of chance.

2. Use reddit formatting to spice up your posts and comments. It's more interesting and lends character.

3. The /u/EizunheirKlopp185 System for Judging Dice Rolls:

  • 1 : Critical Failure, something ridiculously disastrous happens.
  • 2-5 : Bad Failure
  • 6-9 : Just a Fail, nothing too bad.
  • 10 : Uncanny Valley, some loss and some success. 
  • 11-14 : General Success
  • 15-19 : Good Success.

4. Play fairly.

Make sure your role-play is balanced. You simply cannot become some sort of overpowered, omniscient god or organization without the sub waging war on you. We have had this happen multiple times. This mostly discludes /u/Sathion and moderators, but hey, you know.