In the current "Season" (Seasons are what we use to put a soft-reset on the world, usually allowing for minor retcons, clean-ups in lore, and pushing back the power-creep that without end seems to find us every few months. Nothing major happens to characters unless the roleplayer of said character wishes it so, although increasing their power during a reset is usually frowned upon greatly.), relatively little has happened that new players need to know, therefore below will be a list of ongoing story arcs deemed to be important that a new player may want to interact in.

Current Events

Cleansers Arc

A vigilante group of "Purifiers" have appeared in the Facility, and set ablaze to Sector 89A, which, as the Facility as a whole wasn't completely safe for them, anthropomorphics of all species took refuge in, around eleven years before the current events of the world.

Engine City Arc

A blackout has swept across the facility, and modes of instantaneous travel through dimensions, time, and regular teleportation have completely disappeared. Just who or what is doing this is unclear. The Dept. Of Maintenance prepares an expedition to the main generator to fix the problem, calling all able men and women to action.

The Facility: 1983 (AU)

The year is 1983, and something in the town of Hawkridge, Washington is amiss. The corpse of a dead child, brutally cut and bruised, is found in the town's park, provoking paranoia and mistrust in the citizens of Hawkridge, and events only get worse from there...