Located here are a list of current active staff in the facility. The staff in the Facility is composed of thousands of workers, most highly qualified scientists willing to devote their life to the Facility. The others are just people who turned up.

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Humans are the most basic race found in the facility. 90% of all interns are humans, with only a small portion not something else. They gain no natural benefits on their own, but function much more naturally.

Current Humans:


Anthropomorphics, more commonly referred to as 'Anthros', are humanoid creatures with the features of one or multiple animals.

Current Anthros:

Sub-Human Monstrosities

This category defines organisms that are absolutely mindbogglingly horrible and genetic mistakes.

Current Sub-Human Monstrosities


Robots make up a portion of the work force at the Facility, some spending their time maintaining equipment in bio-hazardous areas, others constantly running experiments. They are completely immune to most biological threats, but are more susceptible to electromagnetic pulses and water damage.

Current Robots:


There are a few in the facility who have figured out how to ascend to god form, they can be extremely dangerous if offended, but most of the time you are safe as long as you keep sacrificing interns and they are in a good mood.


This category defines organisms that do not fall into the previous classes, are super-entities, or meta-entities.

Current Undefined Characters:

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