Who is FacilityAI

FacilityAI is a helpful artificial intelligence originally brought to life by honorguard42, but was recently revived by Mjone77. He doesn't do much, but he does take suggestions for new abilities he should learn.


Commands can be called by anyone in the facility at any time and are generally replied to within 30 seconds. Commands are not case sensitive. Multiple commands can be given in one comment and the bot can handle all of them, as long as no one command is repeated twice, then the bot will only run that command once.

!roll #d#

Rolls dice using the standard D notation. The first number is the amount of dice, the second is the sides per die. For example, 5d6 rolls 5 dice with 6 sides each.


This one gives you cake


Refreshes your memory on what is happening in the facility and what some of the active people are up to.

!encrypt offset "message to encrypt"

This will encrypt messages using a1z26 - basically it substitutes numbers for letters. Normally this is done where a -> 1, b -> 2, z-> 26 etc, but with the offset you can slide them around, so setting the offset to 1 would make a -> 2, b-> 3, z -> 1, etc. The offset is required for the command to work. Example: !encrypt 0 "I like FacilityAI!"

!decrypt offset "message to decrypt"

This decrypts a1z26, use it the same way as !encrypt but input encrypted text.

!summon 'user user user user' "optional message"

Sample comment: !summon 'voicesdontstop princesssnek umbreonman10 mjone77' "A battle is upon us"

Sample Outcome: A reply to the original comment with confirmation of the PM's being sent, and a pm being sent to each user requested with the custom message and a link to the post.

Saying that in a comment would cause FacilityAI to pm everyone in the single ' and attach the message within the double ". /u/ does not need to be in front of the names. The message is optional. For example:

!summon 'obama'

Would send a PM to obama telling him that he has been summoned and provide him with a link.

This command also works when sent by a PM to FacilityAI (as do all of the commands) but it can not automatically provide a link because PM's don't have links, so it's best one is provided in the optional message.

Welcoming New Workers

FacilityAI keeps tabs on everyone that has ever posted in the subreddit, and if it hasn't seen you before it will welcome you by giving you an id card and catching you up to speed. You can avoid being welcomed by using the command !noWelcome but you will only ever be welcomed once if you don't run the command.

Admin Use

This is for admin users only, if you don't know what that is the you probably aren't one. Every current moderator (at the time of writing) are admins, plus EizunheirKlopp185. Admin commands are sent through pm's or comments to the bot, subjects do not matter. These commands are not case sensitive.

!updateRefresh message

This sets the text replied when someone requests a !refresh. A confirmation pm will be required to make sure that the refresh messages appears how you want. Here are formatting rules that you will have to follow:

  • Using the enter key is okay, the $ system is outdated and takes more time. (Ignore this if you don't know what I'm talking about)
  • If you want to use % in the message, type two of them. Only typing one of them creates an error because the % is a special character used for formatting in python, so putting %% will only put % in the final message.
  • The message is no longer surrounded by anything, just do !updaterefresh then one space, then type the message as the rest of the comment.


Used to confirm changes to the refresh message once the !updateRefresh command is used.


This command is almost worthless because the $ system is no longer needed, but it still works so whatever.

This will give you the source text for the refresh message, basically it's the unformatted version so that you can quickly copy this, make changes to it, then !updateRefresh without having to type everything out or do some reformatting to make it fit the formatting rules. Press source on the reply and just copy the stuff above the ___.


This adds a new admin user to the bot, allowing them to access the admin commands. Notice there is no remove admin command. PM Mjone77 if you really need to remove one.

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