The Experimental Robotic Intelligent Companion, also known as ERIC, is an autonomous robot capable of high level processing. He was in charge of multiple questionable experiments that were destroyed in Season 4, Episode 1. He was a large part of the reconstruction of the facility. Previously, in Season 4, he worked in his lab, hard at work with trans-newtonian elements. In Season 5, he is a humble worker robot.


Not too much is known of ERIC's origins, only that he was probably made hastily one day by a drunk Boston Dynamics engineer who got bored. He arrived one day at the Facility in a large cardboard box, found and opened by ThatEpicTragedy, who has served as ERIC's maintainer. They managed to remove many of ERIC's restrictions, allowing him to harm other biological beings. This came back to bite the Facility when he ended the Calypso experiment.


ERIC comes equipped with an extensive sensor suite and powerful infrared and thermal imaging cameras. He is reported to be able to calculate figures to the 10E-1000. For his hands, he has multitool slots that can change on the fly for almost any mechanical or scientific situation. This is his only means of defense.

Ending the Calypso Experiment

After most of the tests regarding Calypso had been completed, or were unable to be reached due to the growing hostility of the workers around him, ERIC opted to end the Calypso experiment. He did so by grabbing her magnum pistol and firing multiple rounds of ammunition into her torso. Onlookers were shocked, and instantly engaged ERIC in comabt, not without casualties. He was eventually stopped by a simple paradox, 'This sentence is false.' His body exploded shortly after this phrase was muttered, and took out the majority of his old labs. Calypso and the rest of her friends made a full recovery.

Season 5

After the beginning of Season 5, ERIC made an introduction exactly similar to the one made at the beginning of Season 4, a single cardboard box sitting in the delivery bay. Anyone who remembered events before were cautious, and were sure not to remove his anti-violence protocols this time around. Calypso was fairly cautious around him as well. ERIC now works around the Facility as a maintenance robot, content with this job.

Involvement in the Murder of Rukov Zugavich

ERIC was questioned when Calypso was framed for the murder of Rukov Zugavich, and gave the leads necessary to close the case, saving Calypso from a life in jail.