[Played by /u/Melazu]

Pronunciation: yo-LAN-duh [Audio]

A jaded fairy, who has a hard time trusting others. She doesn't like it when people treat her like she's incompetent, and hates asking for help. Her legs are prosthetic, but don't function for the purposes of walking, and while she is able to fly, her damaged wings can't hold her up for more than a few minutes. As a result, she is mostly bound to her wheelchair.

Her full name is Eolande Ó Banríona - a title given to Fairy princesses.

She is currently searching for housing and employment in the Facility.


She spent her early childhood living among the Fairy folk, in a realm parallel to the known universe. She was the only daughter of the Fairy Queen, and was expected to one day take her mother's place as monarch. However, when she was 18 years old (very young for a race of immortals), a surprise attack was launched on the castle, and in the ensuing battle, she was almost crushed under collapsing rubble. Instead, she lost both her legs, and her wings were heavily damaged.

She was outfitted with prosthetic legs during her time in the castle's recovery ward, but the looks of pity in her visitors' faces were enough to drive her mad. Every time she saw their eyes, she felt broken. And so, one day, she escaped. Using the illusion magic unique to her family line, she snuck out of the ward while appearing to remain in bed, and fled into the wilds.

She wandered the wilds, before eventually finding an ominous, unkempt circle of mushrooms, which transported her to the human realm when she entered it. Unable to find her way back to the realm of the Fairies, she instead found her way to the Facility.



The reset hasn't officially happened yet!


In addition to the ability to fly, all Fairies possess a single type of magic. This type of magic is hereditary, with the mother passing her own abilities on to her children.


Although damaged, Eolande's wings are still able to carry her for short periods of time, allowing her to move between her wheelchair and other seats with relative ease. Her wings tire quickly, however, and even short, sporadic flights will prove to be too much if she does not get enough time to rest in between.

Illusion Magic

Eolande's unique magical inheritance. It works by bending light to her will in order to make images appear, and has no direct physical influence. She can create after-images of herself, illusory copies to confuse foes, and even render all or part of her body invisible to sight-based perception. The larger or more complex the illusion, the more tiring it is to maintain. Camouflaging herself while she is sitting still in a place with a static light source is relatively easy, but a moving light source, or moving herself around, dramatically shortens the length of time she can sustain her invisibility. While this magic extends to non-visible light such as infrared and ultraviolet, it does not affect any of the other four senses.

Technology and Equipment

  • Prosthetic Legs: Eolande has moderate control over her prosthetic legs, but since they were never intended as a permanent fix, her ability to walk is shaky at best. With proper support, she can move slowly on foot, and she can manage a decently strong kick, but not much more.
  • Wheelchair: In order to move from one place to another, Eolande uses a basic, stylized wheelchair. It has no special modifications.

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