[Played by /u/Melazu]

A spirited synthetic android, with a penchant for wit. She is more than a bit of a flirt, and her sense of humor is often vulgar.

She is currently in the process of finding her own place in the Facility - some role that is uniquely hers.


Em was created by Melanie as a cloned mental construct, in order to operate mind tech and function within her headspace, and unable to leave, due to the constraints of the technology.



Although Melanie was an anthro, Em was human when she was created, in order to avoid any confusion with identical duplicates.

Vampire Archie

Shortly after her creation, Melanie's fiance, Archibald Sodium, became a vampire, and was confined within the headspace. Melanie spent most of her time at his side, and built a machine that allowed Em to take her place in the outside world, in order to handle daily life, by swapping their minds so that Em could use Melanie's body, transformed to look like her own body instead.

By this point, Em had developed a personality of her own, beyond her status as Melanie's clone. Loath to return to an isolated existence in the headspace, she instead sought out a way to gain a body of her own. She located Eizunheir Klopp, who agreed to design and create a synthetic android body for her. Using the mind transfer machine, she was able to transfer her mind to the new body.


Thus far, Em has demonstrated two "abilities".

Thought Bubbling

By concentrating on a small to medium-sized object, she can convert it into a theoretical construct in headspace, and convert it back into a physical object at will by focusing on it and "popping" the thought bubble. It functions as a method of transferring things between reality and headspace.

Thought Forming

Using early prototype technology developed by the Department of Theoretical Practice, Em can create virtually anything by "thinking" it into existence. However, this ability comes with limitations. Unless a natural 20 is rolled on creation, the object can be dispelled whenever it is closely observed. Squinting (or optically zooming in the case of robots) at the object will collapse its waveform, and it will cease to exist. It can be used to make large quantities of something, as well, but dispelling one will dispel all of them. This technology also cannot be used to create the same thing twice. Once a theoretical construct manifests, if it disappears, it is gone forever. (Em can create one of something, or five of something, but can't make one of something five times in a row.) The "blacklist" persists across alternate timelines and multiple users, and Em won't know something is on the blacklist unless she remembers making it or tries (and fails) to make it.

Of special note: These limitations and restrictions do not exist within headspace, but anything created in headspace using this ability cannot be bubbled back into reality, as it was never a physical entity to begin with.


  • Since developing her own individuality, Em now considers herself (and is considered to be) Melanie's twin sister.


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