Elick (/u/Elick320) is a sentient Lions Mane Jellyfish, currently the head, and only worker in the Titan Research Facility. Elicks age is currently in the billions, due to an incident near a black hole.


Elick was formally a normal Lions Mane jellyfish, after abducted by NASA for ISS experiments, he was injected with an experimental serum designed to increase intelligence. It did just that and soon after, he hijacked a Soyuz return capsule and crash landing in the middle of the Canadian tundra. Thinking fast, he hid in a small cave and tried to insulate himself with emergency blankets and ablative material. After discovering he would likely die soon due to jellyfish not being able to survive in low temperatures, let alone the surface without water. In hope of finding water or a small underground lake, he adventured into the cave and found a large hanger door leading into the facility.

After walking into the facility and being healed by the local doctors, he went to the hire-ups and requested a job, he was sent immediately to Titan on a rocket and given a large amount of supplies to begin building a research facility.

(More coming soontm)

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