Klopp is a usually human mechanic, deprived of sleep and owner of two cats. He keeps the facility in tip-top condition to the best of his ability, usually cleaning up the mess of whatever antics the other facility members get themselves into.

Physical appearance

Klopp is a middle aged-old man. Worn by time with various burns, scars, and marks from his days of nearly endless work. Wearing Khaki brown bib overalls with an olive green shirt, complimented with a beige fiddler's cap and welding goggles that simulate eyelids. He also wears large black shoes and a large, gray, metal backpack. The KIMLSS, known as the Kimmel, or just the 'pack'. Klopp has been described as skinny, usually eating once or twice a day. He only sleeps once a month with no interruptions to his work schedule.

He has also become a gray anthro rabbit for some time, with gray fur, a chipped tooth, with various spots where his fur is less prominent, where his scars are.

As of late, Klopp has returned to his normal human state


"If Buddha and Ghandi had a kid, this guy would be that guy's anti-Christ" - An insightful Rempton janitor

Klopp has a less than savory personality, driving many people away from him. When he isn't busy, he is usually seen walking around, unintelligibly grumbling about whatever's on his mind at the time, though it's usually far too muddled for anyone to make out. He's a grumpy, miserable, and hateful person typically lashing out at whoever annoys him by knocking some wrench fueled sense into them. Very easy to hold grudges, he will take whoever hurts himself, his property, or his friends on a personal level, and do whatever's in his power (granted that he has enough free time) to take them to their knees and force them to beg for mercy. Of course, When something goes awry or not according to his plan, it's another thing that can set him off. Basically... This guy's pissed off by, at, and because of everything.

However, all of this surface attitude is mainly a ruse, as what's under the thickest skin known to man, is a kind, tenderhearted, and caring gentleman. In his own way, of course. Anyone who is willing to put up with his anger will see a flicker of what his underbelly has to offer, and to anyone close to him, will fully show it to them. A road closest to his heart are children, specifically ones that he sees a lot of potential in. Even more than himself, and will go so far as to offer them an apprenticeship.

Otherwise, Klopp has an uncontested diligence that some other facility members would die trying to match, and if he isn't seen working on something, then he's usually either asleep or dead. He has an ego of sorts, believing that nobody's engineering can match his armor and shielding technology, and for good reason. His land dreadnought, the Beowulf has yet to effectively be disabled, let alone be taken out of service.

He does, however, harbor a deep inferiority complex against magic, seeing it as the easy out, and far too convoluted, overpowered, and just plain ridiculous. Since 90% of the facility uses some form of magic, It's very easy to get on his bad side.


Origins (Pre-Facility)

Klopp lived a normal life as a technologically advanced child. Very, very smart, and always knew what was going on with the world. Born in 1971 to his mother and father, which have only ever been known as Mama and Papa Klopp, Eizunheir lived a life in harmony with his parents, despite his father living on an oil rig, and thus, never really being there that often. His childhood was somewhat harsh back in that day due to his father wanting a better future for his son than a rig foreman.


Klopp, during his finals at MIT, at the ripe old age of 24, climbed into his farm truck to pick up some snacks at a nearby 7 Eleven. Pulling into the suicide lane, he crashed into another car, incapacitating him. Waking up in a hospital months later, Klopp saw himself attached to a large life support system, and built a mobile one of his own. Walking out of the medical bay, he stumbled into the facility. A humongous office complex buzzing with interns. It was from that day forward that Klopp devoted his life to making the facility as good as can be.

Season 5

Due to a retcon of the universe, Klopp only acted as a side character in season 3 and four. Season 3 he was assumed to be twenty five, and in season four, about 30 some years old. Season 5, Klopp is 44 years old.

War on the UU:

Having developed his gripes and opinions, Klopp's most recent exploit is the war against Uncloak and the Universal Union. Building a ship and two small drones to infiltrate a mighty fortress, Klopp was undoubtedly captured, and rescued during the fight with Red.

The Search:

Upon Klopp's return to the facility, he has neglected working on the facility to pursue his own personal goals and to prove a point. The anger in the facility, however, has risen.

Cleaners Arc:

Klopp has had no exact purpose in the cleaners arc up until the end where he and a Mortuus Eire sniper were instrumental in taking down Joe Ferro, however, this led to his demise by being shot in the head.


Klopp has built very, very many things. From Wilhelm to the lowly Critter drone, His robots and vehicles focus on survivability over all else. His weaponry and mobility suffer as a result, preferring to make innovative use of older technologies instead of using newer, "less reliable" weaponry or power sources.

Klopp contemporary power sources for his robots are electrical, while battle vehicles and mechas use steam power, having the torque necessary to push the hulking plate of armor forward. The most notable examples would be his mobile home, a small, trailer sized house with concealable legs, and his generalist walker, a bipedal, reverse jointed tool for traversing areas where Klopp normally cannot access, among various purposes. Recent robots such as the MED and HVY series MRVINS use miniaturized diesel engines.

Tools and Abilities:

Klopp is an everyman engineer, from civil engineering to mechanical to plumbing. He is brutally smart when it comes to these fields, though nowhere near the best, save for his armor and shielding. He is a

Klopp's turret

n excellent shot with construction and repair tools. He can also construct and deploy various buildings on the battlefield to give him an advantage, being very weak on his own.

He is also a very skilled walker pilot.

  • Nail gun: Klopp's signature adjustable heat nail firing device, powered by an on board air compressor and a blow torch grafted on as an impromptu barrel, capable of heating the nails to white-hot temperatures before they leave the nail gun. Used to both weld the nails as they go in and ignite targets.
  • M14 rivet modification: When presented with range, Klopp uses an M14 modified to use rivet canisters in a revolver-esque fashion. With a magazine capacity of 18, Klopp's piston driven long range option has a lot of punching power, but has an equal amount of recoil, leading to an unwieldy gun that is difficult for Klopp to operate.
  • The KIMLSS: Klopp's pack sustains multiple features, from being able to extend six limbs, the front two containing graspers, a built in CB/KI band radio, and a directional cutting laser.
  • KISIDT: Also known as the "kiss it", the Klopp Industries Standard Issue Deployable Turret is a dangerous foe. Firing .30 calibre rounds continuously (5/6 RPS). Though weak, is very heavily armored, and difficult to take out, being the perfect assistant in terms of chip damage.
  • Transmat beacon: A mobile digistruction beacon that can deconstruct whatever objects are in the predetermined vicinity, and digitally deconstructing them for light speed travel before being reconstructed in the beacon's location. Klopp's ultimate, and deadliest weapon.
  • Swordsnapper: A spear built just for Klopp by a demigod, the spear has a serrated end, similar to the teeth of a comb, in order to latch onto the poles/blades of other weapons, rendering them useless. He isn't exactly skilled with it, and prefers not to use it as much as possible, until he can get some formal training.

Relationships with other characters:

Uslaite: Klopp's best friend and closest ally, despite being his arch nemesis for so long due to his hatred of magic. He values her as a protector and mentor of social situations and on how to operate his new rabbit body when he had it. Klopp has tried to make up for what she does for him, and he believes that it is a void unable to be truly filled. He has nothing but respect for the woman, despite being as stated before, a magic user.

Artemis: Umbreon's son, he hopes to take Artemis under his wing someday when he's older as an apprentice, to teach him and pass on what knowledge he has to a younger, and more proficient generation.

Ea (deceased): Being what Klopp considered to be a friend, until her disappearance from his life. He found her as a guardian, a protector, before she somehow ceased to exist from his eyes.

Gribble: The original of Klopp's cats, he loves Gribble with all his heart, being one of his prized possessions and favorite kitties, Gribble fills in his need to care for something while the facility is not falling apart.

Shackleford: Klopp's other, younger cat, Shackleford is another Maine Coon which Klopp holds closest to him, and will never let go.

Siegrich: One of Klopp's more distant allies, having briefly worked for the Eire before defecting to start Klopp Industries. They remain in touch and see each other on occasion

Uncloak: His arch nemesis in very much everything. He'll do anything to harm, injure, or insult if he even has the chance to, and has a personal vendetta to kill him one of these days, and stuff his corpse as a statue in his mobile home as a trophy of his victory.

Calypso (Resurrected): Though considering her an ally, It's questionable if Caly felt the same at all before her death. The last words from Klopp to her was a warning to watch out for another of Uncloak's schemes. After her resurrection, however, due to her previous form, she's got him seeing Red.

Alex: More of a fr-enemy type of relationship, Klopp accuses Alex of being french, though she's actually half german. Though originally on a rocky start, they tend to have some form of oddly friendly relationship.

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