Doctor is the head of the Department of Questionable Actions.


Before Doctor joined the Agency, he stole and sold nearly everything he could lay his hands on. Without a job or home, Doctor stole anything for anybody, as long as they paid enough for the day's food. A scientist by nature, he would exploit black-marketed Cherian technology to ease the load on his heists. One day, mysterious contact gave him shoebox full of cash and instructions to steal and reverse-engineer rumored experimental military technology from a high-security Cherian armory, which was to be sent to an unknown location. Unavoidably, he was caught, tortured and thrown into middle of the sea, along with the his decontructed Cherian technology tied to his legs. His action apparently got the attention of the Facility, as he woke up in one of their healing vats, with portions of the Cherian tech grafted inside of his body, keeping several of his organs alive.

The Facility

Stitching experimental military technology onto Doctor was only a last resort for the Facility. As a result, his body became extremely unstable. Doctor agreed to take an unlimited supply of pills that compensated for this instability in exchange for his inclusion into the Facility. He now works at the Facility, creating his own dream projects with full funding.

Evolution Pods

Doctor believes that the Cherian Bio Spheres waste so much potential for an artificial environment. Evolution pods are adjustable environments dozens of miles long, complete with bodies of water. Time-distortion fields surround the pod, with users able to speed up the time within the pod to insane levels, in some cases being able to pass millions of years of time within the span of 24 hours. Being able to change the environment in any way possible, Doctor believes this may be the way to create a biologically perfect being.