Directed by /u/Nexalph

Researches the metaphysics of metaphysics and other interesting things.


Motivational Neurotech:

A.M.G.: Anti Motivational Grenade

Grenade, which on contact releases a anti motivational field causing all victims to fall to the floor in laziness.

Personnel Motivation Stimultants

Special sticker, when applied to the skin, releases a highly motivational signal to the brain. DO NOT LET INTERNS GET HIGH ON THIS SHIT, OR THEY WILL DISINTEGRATE INTO DUST FROM EXCITEMENT!!

Anti-Antimatter Bomb:

Hidden somewhere deep inside [REDACTED]. Ridiculously explosive.

Terraformer Seed:

Canister containing a egg which hatches a giant tentacle monster. The creature then absorbs energy and terraforms a planetary body into a specified environment using its tentacles and digestive system.

Matter Digitizer Beam

Experimental beam allowing the conversion of matter and consciousness into digital information and code. No, I will not let you have light disc battles in the Matrix.