Welcome to the Department of Intra-Dimensional Psychology! Here, we perform psychology in higher dimensions, as well as all sorts of other sciences. If you would like a ride in one of our space ships, death rays, other machines, or on an intern, please contact the department head for a learning experience activity schedule.

Please note, if you begin to feel as if there is a giant corn cob growing inside you, you have a sense of impending doom, or you begin seeing a dark, armored figure in the corner of your eye when you turn around, stay calm and notify a guard. Innapropriate action may be taken.

Our Goals

Our primary goal is:

"We wish to create a badass machine that does super cool stuff."

Our current project goals (also known as sub-department goals):

- To investigate trasformation and the effect on sex drive after full transformation (Delegated to the Transformational Psychology Sub Department)

- To create a mechanism the size of a pen that can zap brains (Delegated to the Brain Zappers Sub Department)

- To find a cure for the worst disease in the land: Intern (Delegated to the [REDACTED] Sub Department) 

Other goals consist of buying one pizza every day to throw in the trash can and creating a hover craft that will poop out microprocessors.

Our Friends

- You <3

To Apply for a Position

To apply for a position in our deparment if you are a scientist, please contact the department head with the position you would like to apply for, a list of skills, and a blood sacrafice.

To apply for a position in our deparment if you are an intern, contact the department head by ramming your head repeatedly into a door. You will be contacted shortly after.

To apply for a position if you do not fit either the Scientist or Intern category (E.g. if you are a project leader, manager, or janitor), please wait in the department head's office to have a chat as soon as he gets back.

Other Information is Available Upon Request

Question, Comments, Praises to the Department Head? Contact the Department Head here, and address it to MyOwnGraniteStone!

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