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Nugget Science, bitch!

The ultimate goal of this department is to revolutionize not only the way we make chicken nuggets, but also what we make them from, and most importantly, how we can utilize them for the greater good of mankind. 

Other, less ultimate goals include:

-Improving condiment delivery systems

-Designing a better, faster way to cook nuggets of every meat variety

-Destroying the gene responsible for the vegan and vegetarian mindset

-Becoming the best TF2 medic I can be

-Finding out what the Grimmace is. So far, no one from the McDonald's group will comment

Achievements to date:

2013: Created the first sentient nugget. 

2013: Created the first nugget with regenerative capabilities.

2013: Combined the sentient project with the regeneration project. The result is now the existence of over 30 "tribes" of nuggets, which are slowly colonizing the unused portions of the facility.