Daniel or as he prefers to be called, Danny. Is a human male who works as a freelance police officer under the mysterious employer titled "The Commissioner." Along side Richard Wright.

Danny has a brash, free caring, "smart-ass" demeanor and a fondness for humorously breaking the fourth wall from time to time, most notably through directly addressing the reader. Danny tends to care about those around him more than his own personal safety, making him rash and reckless

He is covered from head to toe in scars inflicted by the following: Burns, Gunshots, Bites, Knives and several skin surgeries performed by his father.

These scars are untreatable by several (involuntary) experiments.

Danny's right eye glows if he feels certain emotions.

He seems to also has a positive attitude about most bad situations. which is concerning after his background and the home he came from.


Daniel Bohan was born to a Casidy and Pádraig Bohan on the 21'st of June [REDACTED] Born in the Republic of Ireland. Danny was experimented on by his cold, un-loving father, growing up in a rough place, in rough town, Danny has learned ways to defend himself and the people he cares about.

He was accepted into University College Dublin through the sports program. He had a minor in Technological Engineering, a major in Biology and a major in English and Creative writing.

by the time he started College he had a mental breakdown and murdered his father, Pádraig.

He was arrested for a while, he pleaded his case and was released to mental health homes, he escaped and finished college living with a number of his friends. He finished college at national record of 17 years and 24 days old.

He spent the next 3 years of his life, partying, drinking, doing drugs and having sex, with lots of different people.

He woke up in the Facility one day, in a storage closet, and No one has a clue who brought him down there.


Danny is a whopping 6"9 inches, the tallest human on record. He has light grey eyes, his right eye changes glowing colours throughout emotional changes as stated above. He has dark brown medium length dark brown hair. He has a scar across his right cheek, Closer inspection informs us that the scar was left by a knife blade.

His style of "Fashion" more of a punk look, constantly seen wearing a dark grey hoodie, jeans and black boots. He has nose and lip piercings both being studs.

He is brutally scared along roughly 90% of his body, he assaulted the questioner after gaining this information.