Agent Cipher (real name John Doe) is a self-employed therapist working at the Facility. Originally a researcher at an electronics company in an alternate dimension, he was accidentally teleported to the Facility after he was betrayed by one of his colleagues. His office is located deep within the Facility, taking the previous location of an abandoned laboratory.


John Doe started his career at an electronics company as a technological researcher in a dimension he calls "Dimension Eleventeen". He quickly began to notice that the company was corrupt, and reported rumors and potential threats within the company to its CEO. Shortly before completing a teleporter project for the company, Doe and his colleagues realized they needed a human test subject to teleport. Perhaps seeing this as an opportunity to get rid of Doe, one colleague was quick to shove Doe into the teleporter. Doe arrived at the Facility in the bottom of a swimming pool.

Arrival at the Facility

Upon his arrival at the Facility, Doe quickly stole a uniform and began introducing himself as "Agent Cipher", a technological researcher. Most agents of the Facility were oblivious to the arrival of new recruits, so his character was quite convincing, up until he was put to work in the R&D department, where he displayed a lack of knowledge for many of the tools and equipment used. Believing he was mentally unstable, the head researcher of the R&D department sent him to the therapy center at the Department of Intra-Dimensional Psychology, where he became fast friends with several therapists, eventually revealing to them the truth about his past. After becoming familiar with the Facility, he applied to work as a therapist. However, the day after his application, the therapy center was shut down due to a mass murder that took place overnight, resulting in the deaths of every therapist at the department. Shocked, Cipher decided he would rebuild the therapy center, and established a small office out of an old, abandoned laboratory deep within the facility that had been working on a world peace project.

Season 5

Cipher eventually decided to come out of his office and made several trips to the Department of Procrastination. While exploring the library, he befriended a librarian by the name of Emma Wen. After telling her about his experience at the Facility and his desire to seek the truth behind the therapist murders, she revealed to him some secrets she had learned about the department, including a planned mutiny orchestrated by a group of librarians. The librarians planned to persuade Agents to join a new book club, which would give the librarians the opportunity to take control of the Department of Procrastination while they were distracted. Since Wen wanted to keep her job, she couldn't tell the Moderators, or they would likely shut down the library. Cipher decided he would help her stop the mutiny, and the next day, attended a meeting regarding the formation of a book club. Undercover as a scientist, he attempted to warn several agents at the meeting that the new book club was a red herring, however his warnings were ignored. Despite this, the mutiny was stopped by Moderators who fired the mutinous librarians and shut down the book club before it could begin.

Shortly after, Cipher later donated the remains of a world peace project leftover from the laboratory he had established his office in to PaperLuigi3. He then proceeded to join the Eldritch Engineering Lab, where he introduced blueprints for cybernetic arms that he found wedged between two books in the Delta Public Library. The scientists rejected the blueprints, calling them "outdated", so he burned them.

Returning to his office from a day at the Department of Procrastination, Cipher discovered a note on his desk. Someone had scribbled "YOUR SECRET IS NOT SAFE." in black ink. Immediately after reading, his office door slammed shut, locking him inside. He made numerous attempts to unlock the door, but to no avail. For the next several months, he would be forced to live off scones, his own tea blends and the occasional lasagna dish. Cipher would not exit his office until the next Reset.

Season 6

Once the Facility launched into space, Cipher's office transformed into a newer, more celestial-looking one. His office door became a sliding, metal door, requiring voice recognition to unlock. Cipher managed to free himself and decided to open his office to the public after he made a full recovery.


Cipher is usually very calm and understanding, but can become quite suspicious of anyone or anything that seems off. His sense of humor can be dry and sometimes dark. He is fascinated by the Facility, and enjoys reading about its history and devising his own plans for its future. Creating new blends of tea is a favorite hobby of his. Cipher longs to be respected, and to eventually become known as one of the Facility's greatest scientists.


Cipher has dark-blond, neatly combed hair that is slowly turning gray, and blue-gray eyes. He tends to wear a maroon, pinstripe vest over a white dress shirt and black tie. His black pinstripe pants are just long enough to cover his long legs, and he wears dark brown dress shoes that are shined daily. Outside of his office he wears a dark-gray fedora which he cherishes, along with a pair of sunglasses.

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