Cheria is a continent-spanning kingdom, ruled over by Archibald, located inside a pocket dimension accessible in the Department of Aristocratic Research. While extrodinarily advanced technologically, the culture is still similar to a medieval kingdom, albeit with far less classism.

Consisting of the pocket dimension, the Bio-Dome Simulations and the Department of Aristocratic Research, Cheria is a powerful nation, almost entirely united under the rule of its King, with few against him.

Culture and Technology

The culture and technology of Cheria are at odds with each other, as the fusion of futuristic technology and medieval culture results in power armoured Knights, rich Serfs who "work the land" with a veritable army of robots, cobblestone streets leading to towering steel and titanium castles. However, the nation still thrives, despite these eccentricties.


The Cherian Military Forces are a powerful force of soldiers, ready to spring into action at any moment to defend the continent and its allies.

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