Cbo woke up one day in an abandoned cloning vat in the facility with only one memory, that there was a hidden universe waiting to be discovered. after a while he got bored of people interrupting him so he set up the Department of Mind Your Own Business to continue with his research into this hidden universe.


Eventually He managed to create a portal to this universe which he called the Dark Universe and named the planet that the portal opened on Yougopotamia and began to set up a station on this planet.

The dark universe was later revealed to be the dimensional plane known to earth science as Dark Matter.

After the great memory wipe Cbo spent months trying to figure out how to reopen the damaged portal. Convinced that the key to unlocking his past memories he moved his office to the nuclear reactor where he began to lose his concentration due to acute radiation poisoning. Because of his new short attention span Cbo abandoned his old department and set up the Department of Procrastination.


over time the effects of the radiation in the reactor began to affect his body in a more obvious way, He began to grow a pair of feathery wings . It was not until the events of Season4 Ep1 that Cbo managed to reopen the portal to Yougopotamia where he hoped to set up a safe haven for the refugees but seemingly the message never made it to the normal universe.


  • Expert at procrastination
  • Wings allow flight
  • Power over Dark matter due to God status
  • Ability to leave his mortal body however this makes him vulnerable as his body is the source of his power until he can fully ascend
  • He can heal others however if this requires regrowth the new flesh will be made of Dark Matter with unknown consequences

Current Status

Cbo is currently attempting to exploit Dark matter as an energy source with varying success, there was one promising prototype that was damaged beyond repair after it threatened to destroy the entire solar system. Cbo has plans on converting that energy into a sustainable source of electricity for the Facility.


After the whole facility was subjected to paranoia it was revealed that there is an ancient power that will stop at nothing to destroy Yougopotamia and it's god. It is thought that this is due to the previous civilization in the Dark universe having imprisoned this power for eternity thousands of years previously