Before making a new Department or faction, please make sure it doesn't already exist.

When you have gone over the list below and made sure the Department or faction you wish to make doesn't exist, send a message to the mods of the Department or faction name to request it to be formally recognized, it will then be added to the list.

Current Dept. and Factions:

Accounting & Financial Department (Currently Open for Head)

Artificial Intelligence [AI] Wing (Currently headed by /u/mikeemullins )

Anomalous Materials (Currently headed by /u/AbigailRoseHayward )

Astrophysics (Currently headed by /u/TheGuyWithTheFez )

Automotive & Military Department (Creator /u/KingBloops; Currently headed by /u/KingBloops & /u/AutoMil_AI)

Biowarfare (Currently Headed by /u/Jomajorsh  )

Cleanup Crew (Currently headed by /u/bleekicker  )

Cybernetics & Biotechnology [CaB] (Currently headed by /u/NecromancerSteve )

Demolition and Explosives (Currently headed by /u/darkjungle  )

Department for Identification of Desert-Dwelling Rodents (Currently Headed by /u/Jobosno)

Department for Weaponising Household Appliances (Created and Currently Headed by /u/theseb112)

Department of Alchemic Research (Currently headed by /u/Xethaios)

Department of Animalian-Physics (Currently headed by /u/Karomne  )

Department of Arachnid Research and Development (Created and headed by /u/Nomicakes)

Department of Carnivorous and Otherwise Offensively Lethal Plants with the Spiky, Poisonous and otherwise Pollinating and Flowering Annex (Created & headed by /u/eglan)

Department of Cheese Science (Currently headed by /u/Orionire1  [+2] )

Department of Chicken Nuggets and/or Things That Can Be Turned into Chicken Nuggets (Unknown Founder; currently open for head)

Department of Chimera Creation and Animal Research (Created by /u/anon-miscat; Currently headed by James-[/u/ThePeanutGallery42])

Department of Cyber Mysteries (Created by /u/TheLivingNarwhal (rip in peace), now headed by /u/_pwnsbey)

Department of Dimensional Sciences (Headed by /u/UncloakDagger)

Department of Dream Generation, Manipulation and Advertising (Currently headed by /u/CR700)

Department of Experimental Experiments (Founder Unknown; Currently headed by /u/Avengier_Than_Thou )

Department of Frickin' Laser Beams (Currently Headed by/u/Dial_the_911)

Department of Future Records (Founder Unknown; Currently headed by /u/tyzbit)

Department of Gaping Anal Penetration (G.A.P.) (Currently headed by /u/GaynalPleasures)

Department of Intra-Dimensional Psychology (Founder Unknown; Currently headed by /u/MyOwnGraniteStone  )

Department of Memory (Founder Unknown; Currently headed by /u/TheDoctorAwesome )

Department of Meta[-]Meta[-P]hysics (Currently headed and created by /u/nexalph

Department of Meta Science (Currently headed by /u/Csg363  )

Department of Office Lighting and Desk Lamps (Created and Headed by /u/ferretboy87)

Department of Operational Security - Sanitation and Recovery (Headed by /u/punkcoder)

Department of Procrastination (Created and headed by /u/cbo250)

Department of Resurrection (Currently Headed by /u/ColtonHD)

Department of Scientific Nonsense (Headed by /u/shtocker)

Department of Security and Maiming (Founded by /u/Exquisiter; Currently headed by /u/Avengier_Than_Thou  )

Department of Shenanigans & Hooliganism (Currently headed by /u/MrNoLifePothead )

Department of Space-Time Rifts (Currently headed by /u/SilentWorlder)

Department of Technomancy (Created and headed by /u/Llamaman117)

Department of Temporal History (Created and Headed by /u/Callmemrpurple)

Department of Trans-Newtonian Element Research (Created and headed by /u/Simmer22)

Director of Codewords (currently headed by /u/rasiisar)

Education Department (Currently headed by /u/caseyloulou )

Experimental Clothing and Footwear ( Currently Headed by /u/Sqpon  )

Facility Wanderer (Creator /u/fly18  )

[The] Firm (Unknown Founder; does not have a head position)

Genetics (Founded by honorguard42/ Currently headed by James-[/u/ThePeanutGallery42]  )

Geography Department (Currently headed by /u/PMgep  )

Ghost Sciences (Currently headed by /u/DrBreakspeare )

Global Operations Department (Unknown Founder; Open for head)

High Chiefdom of Multiversal Schism Containment (Headed by High Chief Hróðgeirr Æthelred designated as /u/casey0315)

[The] Hooded Figures (Currently Headed by /u/apocalypseSampler  )

Human Gardening Department ( Currently headed by /u/honorguard42 [+9] )

Human Resources [HR] (Currently headed by /u/CanICanTheCanCan  )

Imaginary Weapons Studies (currently headed by /u/trailheadist  )

Intelligence and Espionage (Currently headed and co-founded by /u/Hi_mynameis_Matt  and /u/D45_B053  )

Intern and Test Subject Union (Currently headed by /u/Socarch26  )

Intern Safety Commission [I.S.C. || ISC] (Currently headed by /u/gibsom  )

Internal and Field Operations ( Currently headed by /u/ReclaimerSpirit  )

Invisible Weaponized Rabbit Training Center (Currently Headed by /u/Hondo22)

I.T. Dept (Currently headed by /u/mcfar45  [+2] )

Kitchen and Food Services ( Currently Headed by /u/fyrefocks  [+1] )

Latex and Transformation Department (Headed by /u/NoahGoldFox)

Legal Team (Currently headed by /u/PastyDeath  )

Lunar Base Staff (Currently headed by /u/Kinkzoz  )

[The] Lunar Testing Base and Transformation Science Center (founded by /u/Kinkzoz; Head position open)

Lurker Department (Currently headed by [Unknown]) <Credit to /u/AlphaFM  for the idea>

Maintenance and Motorpool (Creator /u/Taldoable Currently headed by Eizunheir Klopp)

Medical Wing (Currently headed by /u/Cutsoffdicks  [+2] )

Metal Breeding (Currently headed by /u/padsboltssaints15  [+1] )

Omega Sciences (Unknown Head; Currently headed by /u/Mozziedoo)

Plumbing (Currently headed by /u/Waaterbottle  )

Propaganda (Currently headed by /u/landapple  )

Psychology Deptartment (Currently headed by /u/RabidGrizzlyBear )

Pu[l]bic Relations [P.R. || PR] (Currently headed by /u/woogie128  )

Reckless Theoretical Experiments (Currentlly headed by /u/cryptccode)

Task Force Operations {sub Dept of Internal and Field Operations} (Currently headed by /u/Trickster1950[23]  )

Thumaology (Currently headed by /u/the_Icelander  )

Torture (created and headed by /u/Stopbeingsocow)

Unknown Science Department (Currently headed by /u/aes419  [+2] )

Xenology (headed and co-founded by by /u/Crashboom04  and /u/Turnshroud [+4] )

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