The Blackwater Den is a medium sized night club in the lower sections of the Facility. The passage way to the location is rather trechorous, consisting of multiple areas of debris and sharp metal fragments from the launch of the Facility.


The establishment itself serves a variety of clientel, including but not limited to anthros, humans, aliens, sentient blobs, and robots. It is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, but it can also offer less legal items such as narcotics or exotic drugs. There are five back rooms, one of which is soundproofed, in which various patrons can rent out rooms to spend the night doing anything in. There is a circular stage on one side of the bar on which an avian, named Oxyene, and two other musicians perform on a regular basis.


The center piece for the Blackwater Den and its namesake is a machine called the Blackwater Device. This device utilizes beta waves to boost the metabolic regeneration rate of anyone connected to it. This leads to the user being mostly immortal while in the range of the machine. This process also cancels out any pain felt through injuries, and the worse effects of drug abuse.


The bar is operated by Laya, a female appearing coyote morph. She has a carefree, lighthearted attitude when it comes to running the place, and as long as they don't directly threaten her, she tends to serve them with a small, smug smile, the main thing on her mind the money they're giving her to get them boozed up.

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