Bane is the owl Roland came into possession of on one of his jobs. He has a very distinctive appearance, thanks to the large blue eye in the center of his head.He has a very distinctive call, a harsh shrieking not unlike that of the Barn owl. He’s very skittish as the previous owner was very abusive towards him, only using him for the power his third eye contains.This means that he is initially distrusting of new people and if Roland isn’t around he likely wouldn’t willingly approach somebody.
It appears as though the eye isn’t used for sight, rather it seems to be able to look into a person's mind. The previous owner confirmed that, saying the owl is capable of making a person obey the telepathic commands it sends to them.
Bane is evidently able to tell that this causes the person undergoing the ‘mind control’ discomfort and when forced to use his power observers are able to tell it causes the owl some distress to make another sentient creature go through that.