The Butler Droid Servant Machine, prototype 02, BDSM-02, BD-02, but most commonly just 02, The British windbag butler robot does his best to serve the facility as much as his gas engine can allow.

Physical Appearance

BD-02 takes on the form of a mechanical knight, wearing a silken suit of navy blue, and undershirt of tan, and a striped bowtie between the two colors. His armor consists of a navy blue primary, with tan trim, though off of the assembly line, he was actually silver with gold trim. He was later repainted to his nation's colors after his arrival at the Nightwing kingdom. He is never seen without a giant tan and blue serving platter, made out of solid metal.

Underneath the plating, however, is a complex system of pulleys and belts branching out from an adapted lawnmower engine placed within his stomach, and his head contains a vast amount of punch cards, along with a couple of light blue LED's, serving to show through armor's vision slit that he's active.


BD-02 is a butler, with a somewhat inflated ego. Believing that he is the latest and the greatest of the BD line, 02 serves the facility members, and takes immense pride in his meticulous work. Very, very old by today's standards, he has adapted as well, taking on a much older sounding voice. Being the prized servant of a castle full of vampires has served the old robot well.

However, 02 isn't perfect, and though wise, is mentally lacking. He is incapable of even processing death, he tried to offer food to a computer that had a TTS program active, and he believes that Crumpets and Tea can solve any problem. He doesn't have a lot of common sense, but does have a reasonable amount of logical reasoning, advising other members if their actions are foolish or will put them into harm's way, though he's typically ignored in this regard. However, despite all of this, he remains optimistic that his services can and will serve the facility better in the long run.

On top of all of this, he has no free will, forced to follow orders or face shutting himself down due to incompetence. He is very sensitive to being called worthless or not worth anyone's time. On top of this, he is very slow to anger, and typically resorts to violence when he does so. However, due to his inability to process the aspect of death, he has seen this as tucking them in for bed, or putting them to sleep, and can very easily misinterpret actually tucking people in with assassination


Origins (Pre-Facility)

During the early days of the so many-th generation of Louvernias Rempton, After his graduation from MIT using a joint project between him and Eizunheir Klopp for an easy A, he was later informed that one of his pet projects, a family of vampires called the Nightwings, escaped and had overthrown a remote island previously dominated by Werewolves. Requesting a surveillance system be built, Rempton ordered his scientists to build the third generation of BD robots. The result was a cheap, durable, and quick to manufacture butler robot that was ready for deployment soon after.

He arrived on the doorstep of the Nightwing castle, with a gift bow taped to his head. Afterwards, he has served for over thirty years. During a war, during the puberty of the royal Prince, Being most favored by his Queen, and favored her as a result. However, after thirty years of servitude, the Werewolves eventually took back the island. Brutally slaughtering the family he served in front of him before dumping him down a trash chute, which lead to the facility.

Season 5

BD-02 serves as a side character in season 5, only having two posts to his name. However, he is very often instead seen interacting with the various residents of the facility, offering Crumpets and Tea to whoever he meets.

Tools and Equipment

BD-02, as stated before, is mentally lacking. However, being very wise, is never short on good advice to give, and will always state how he feels on the matter. Though being dumb, and slow, he is very physically capable, having a high range of durability, and not to mention brute strength, being completely capable of walking straight through doors, walls, and shelves without even noticing. He can even crush a solid block of ice using his bare hands, and crush a baseball sized of solid glass into little more than powder using a single hand.

  • Serving Platter: His only possession and weapon, 02's platter is a versatile tool, from holding food to bashing a clean cave into someone's skull, this solid metal platter is very difficult for any normal man to lift
  • Crumpets and Tea: After over thirty years of making this signature dish, he has further improved his recipe with facility science, and is the best possible recipe for Crumpets and Tea, a direct competitor to Lenos' perfect popcorn.

Relationships With Other Characters

George and Basil: Being currently the closest things he has had to friends, he serves the family with the most care that he can possibly

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