Professor Avengier ThanThou is the head of the Department of Experimental Experiments


Avengier was born in [CLASSIFIED], UK in 19[CLASSIFIED]. His family appears to be decended from the ThanThou Dynasty, a family that ruled an area of Northern China sometime in between 500 and 450 BC. Avengier graduated from the University of Berlin and has worked at multiple scientific institutions. He was recruited in mid-2013 and is currently the head of the Departments of Experimental Experiments , Security and Maiming , and possibly Stress. Avengier was briefly killed in February 2014 when his Department was destroyed by ten tons of Dynamite. However he was resurrected due to pseudo-science and is currently rebuilding the Department. 

Avengier was forcibly removed from power during the Vending Machine rebellion. During this time he was a homeless scientist, and spent his time planning avengence. After a brief civil war he regained the Department of Experimental Experiments but not Security and Maiming.

After the first universal reset, Avengier used time travel to become the President of the United States of America. During this time he nuked a city, sold California to Brazil and attached jet engines to the White House. His shenanigans were undone following the second universe reset. 

Known Relatives

The Facility has been visited by at least one alternate universe version of Avengier. He aided Avengier during the incident formerly and inaccurately known as the Resonance Cascade. He later returned after he reportedly "exploded" his own version of Earth, and worked at Experimental Experiments for a few days. He left after declaring this universe to be stupid.

Avengier has a younger sister, Holier. Little is known about Holier ThanThou other than the possibility that she is a scientific genius. Attempts to locate and recruit Holier have proven unsuccessful.

Avengier refuses to discuss his childhood, stating that the nickname "Vengie" gives him flashbacks. 

Psychological Profile

Avengier possesses mild sociopathic tendencies and an almost unshakable ambition to perform science. Nothing really stands between him and science other than serious threats to his own life, which can temporarily slow him down. However he does occasionally display a carefree attitude towards physical harm, and has managed to come back from the dead at least once. He has befriended the gun-mad Vending Machines and now appears to have authority over them.