Alexandria Sodium is the eighteen year old daughter of Archibald Sodium, living in the Facility as she glies about her day to day life. She is notable for being a paradox, as, thanks to her father rewriting history, she is simultaneously both alive and dead.


Born in Britain to Archibald and her mother, the late Helen Sodium, Alex and her parents eventually moved to America, where she and Helen were killed in a car crash, remaining dead for six years until resurrected.

However, given the chance to rewrite history, Archibald changed events so that she survived the crash, leaving her with two sets of memories that were misdiagnosed as various mental illnesses, and she was falsely prescribed various medications that sent her spiralling into depression for several years. The crash also left her with a injured leg, requiring a leg brace to walk.


Alex's leg brace.

Eventually, she found her way to the Facility, drawn to her father's workplace. Here, she settled in quickly, dabbling in various magic types before realising the adverse affect this was having on her mental health. During this time, she began a relationship with another member of the staff around her age, Jennifer. Later, she would open a tailoring business as the "Department of Fashion", picking up the skills of the trade surprisingly quickly.

Alex's tattoo.

Powers and Abilities

Alex's crippled leg, and diminished ability to use magic, make her a less than capable combatant. As such, she tries to avoid combat whenever possible.

As a paradox resulting from the fusion of two timelines, with some effort she can "Swap" between the two versions of reality. This usually manifests in relatively minor ways, such as repositioning her, or altering what she has on her person.

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