Alex's Sanctum, previously the House of the Dead, is a magical locale, originally built on the crossroads of the living world and the Underworld. Over the millennia, its location and fame has made it highly desirable among Necromancers, most of whom whisked to use it as a typical evil lair. Alex, however, upon acquiring ownership from the last owner, proceeded to remake it into a Penthouse Apartment of huge size, with each window enchanted to display a different location. It is now her home.

After turning over a new leaf and snubbing Necromancy, Alex reworked the magic sustaining the place to make it run off more general magic, rather than death, shifting the location to a new currently unknown extra-dimensional spot. Around this period, the Penthouse reformed into an overgrown train yard, with several of the traincars enchanted to contain spacious, comfortable rooms. Alex, despite losing the Penthouse for an abandoned site, was overjoyed at the change, as it lets her be surrounded by life energy.